Video Residency 

Kate Copeland

Beginning June, 2017 World One Video will begin offering the Video Residency package.

The Residency is an opportunity for touring songwriters to record on video up to five songs in a relaxed environment over two days and one or two nights. Videos are recorded either in or around the big house in the woods or on location nearby. My house offers two private bedrooms sharing a private bath. Relax in the soothing outdoor spa or just hang out around the house practicing and tuning up. (One thing I do not offer is food. I do not cook so you might want to bring some items with you. You are welcome to cook in my kitchen or we can eat out at one of the local restaurants.)

I record the same high quality HD video and audio as the In The Moment Videos. The technique uses one camera setup to record each song straight through. A simultaneous digital audio recording of up to 4 tracks is made, allowing greater flexibility in mixing and processing the audio. Time permitting, you may also be able to sit in with me for the editing. At this price, I am not able to offer more complex music videos as the editing time for these type videos are much greater. The residency package includes accommodations in the house, editing, video shading, and audio mixing as well as uploading to your YouTube page or you can take them with you on a USB drive or a DVD.

Location and setting:

The big house in the woods is located just outside the town of Denton, Maryland. It is surrounded by trees and close to a stream. Denton is located on the eastern shore of Maryland about 90 minutes from Baltimore, Washington DC and Philadelphia. It is peaceful and very quiet here. The artists who have stayed here say they get great sleep. For a small additional fee pick up is available at BWI airport.

The Video Residency is priced to be affordable to the touring singer-songwriter.

“JB is incredibly generous with his time and talents when it comes to supporting musicians. It’s clear that he appreciates the heart of an artist’s work and aims to capture that magic in his live, one-take videos. I’m very grateful for his enthusiasm and commitment to his work.” — Rachael Kilgour
“I had a wonderful time working with JB. He was relaxed and enthusiastic with an attention to detail. In just a day of shooting, I wound up with several high-quality videos that capture me and my music just the way I was hoping they would! JB has a deep appreciation for music and it shows in his work. I would really like to get together again and make a few more. Thank you, JB” — Kate Copeland

We spent a very focused 2 days with JB Nuttle in Denton, Maryland at his home surrounded by trees and nature. It was a breath of fresh air–literally and figuratively–to be able to focus on our performances and making videos that would represent what we do. His home is comfortable and welcoming–well-appointed kitchen for cooking and a splendid spa-tub off the back deck!

Now, the work: JB encouraged us to use the scenery around him, not just his home studio and the property, but also the surrounding area. He even suggested places an hour’s drive from his home if we wanted! It was fantastic to have options to express our creativity.

For us, sound is equally as important as the visual. We wanted to make sure that we captured audio that well represented our sound, and JB was sensitive to that, and he delivered. He’s got excellent microphones and knew how to place them and then mix what he recorded. We’re really happy with the outcome of all of our work–JB’s thoughtful lighting and audio and video production and the performances we captured. We are so excited to release the videos to our audience and to promoters so they understand the spirit of Villa Palagonia’s music and performance, which he successfully captured.

Our residency was well worth the trip to Maryland. We are very pleased with the results!  -Allison Scola and Joe Ravo of Villa Palagonia music duo

Working with JB has been extremely easy and helpful. He makes artists feel relaxed and free to share their songs in an intimate up close atmosphere. The videos I’ve done with JB have really helped get more folks out to my shows. These days people want to check out an artist online before committing to attending a full show. Sort of like viewing a movie trailer before going to the movie. I hope to have JB record all my new songs in the months and years ahead.” — JohnSmith


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