‘In The Moment’ Videos

In The Moment videos were born in 2012.

I was seeing a lot of live shows at the Nightcat in nearby Easton, Md. The small venue has since passed on to the the great small venue hereafter but at the time I found myself looking at You Tube videos of upcoming artists. Most of my choices for seeing artists live came from my research. This is few years ago so at the time most performer videos were of two varieties: Lipsynced mood pieces that do not really give you the flavor of a live show, or the notorious ‘fan video’ shot from the fan’s POV. Ya know, bad sound, shaky, small image? Since then there are many more kinds of videos available and many are real creative masterworks.  It was a kind of frustrating experience and I thought why can’t there be some other types of videos out there? What about a type that combines the best elements of live performance? What about great up close sound combined with intimate settings away from the venue?

I started out with a standard definition camera with a microphone mounted on the camera. I started going up to talent that I thought was outstanding and ask them to do one song, in one take, using one camera. From the begining, there has been no charge to the artist to record and with the cooperation of the Folk Alliance community that tradition continues. Thank goodness that NERFA, SERFA, and sometimes FAI support this idea. To boost the quality of the videos I knew I needed to change over an ‘invitation’ form instead of ‘anybody can record’.  It is now by invitation.

Here are two wildly different first efforts:

Time has passed and money has been spent to upgrade both the audio recording and the visual part. And now some 150 songwriter videos later I am still recording great songwriters and having a great time helping artists get their performances out to the world. I still have most of the same principles operating from when I came up with this idea. I also have a pact with the performer. I never make public any video that has not been approved by them. And they can have them taken down any time they like. The artist owns the songs and their performance. It is always my hope that all the artists I record like what I do enough to want to help promote these little video snapshots. I sure have a great time making them. I feel so blessed to know so many wonderful songwriters and artists. I am a lucky guy.

Some of the talented artists and musicians I have recorded are Catie, Curtis, Peter Mulvey, John Fulbright, Elis Paul, Red Molly, Guy Davis, Christine Lavin, Eric Andersen, Dan Navarro, Dave Gunning, The Don Juans, Tom Paxton, Del Rey, Tara Nevins (Donna The Buffalo), Rachael Kilgore,  Kirstin Maxwell, Kate Copeland, Dana Cooper, Cozy Sheridan, Happy Traum, Jim Photoglo, Joe Crookston, Tom Prasada-Rao, John Smith, Martyn Joseph, The Belle Hollows, Cliff Eberhardt, The Honey Dewdrops, The Honeycutters,  The Late Greg Tropper and one name I cannot release just yet. In my world he is a songwriting god. Hope to have more to say about that in a couple weeks. Just to keep it more or less brief I have left out a lot of really fine songwriters, please forgive me.

My greatest ambition is for the artist I have recorded to be proud enough of what we have created together that they want to use them as a promotional tool.

So for better or worse here is what In The Moment has evolved into: