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If you have spoken to me at any length you probably know I love great songs and I love great songwriters. I feel so blessed to know so many of them. Do I lead a charmed life? I think maybe I do.

What makes a great song?

It might move me emotionally. A song that is an arrow right to my heart. It can make me happy or sad or sometimes make me angry at some injustice. I can’t tell you the number of times in my life that a great song has made me cry, not always because it is sad but because it strikes something very personal to me and makes the songwriter’s truth merge with my truth. I grew up listening to the best writers. Joni Mithell and Jackson Browne and many others. They are remembered and honored today because they wrote about human relationships with poetry and insight. They were so much of their time, that we all think of them as being emotional road maps for a generation of people who wanted more than surface impressions. Today’s writers who carry on that tradition are walking in some very big shoes, but you can find them writing just as movingly about their time as the folks from the 60s abd 70s. Check out the songs of Tom Prasada-Rao, John Smith, David Wilcox, Rachael Kilgour, Kirsten Maxwell, and so many others. I have recorded many of them but some are still elusive. Are you listening to Susan Werner?

(Work in progress)