About JB

J.B. Nuttle

My background in the visual arts started in the early 1970’s working in film. I worked for the University of Maryland heading up it’s audio visual operations. I worked with 35mm, 16mm and super 8mm producing documentary films.

In the 1980’s I worked for an ABC network TV affiliate in Sacramento California as a news photographer. I also worked in the studio as a soundman, video tape operator, master control switcher and lighting /camera technician.

In the 1990’s I spent a number of years working for MCI to produce corporate videos in it’s Washington D.C. Headquarters. I then moved to the position of operations manager at a performing arts theater.

World One Video had it beginnings in the 2000’s. I currently stay very busy with work from advocacy groups in Washinton D.C. as well as my own documentary work focusing on contemporary culture.



One thought on “About JB

  1. I’ve watched a few of your videos — extremely well done. I’ve just finished interviewing Rachael Kilgour for a cover article for the October issue of Acoustic Live in NYC. She mentioned that you might have a video of a recent song (that she played for me) about making it on her own, not needing kisses from a new lover, etc. I’d love to link to it when the article is published. Hope you can help.
    Thanks, Richard Cuccaro, publisher, Acoustic Live in NYC


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